Stargate Lives!

Stargate has been my project machine for a long time. I finally got it working fairly reliably!

I got my Stargate game in 1997, not working, and I got it for free. It would power up and run diags, but the powerup diags always failed so it wouldn't play. Over the years I acquired a new boardset that passed diags and worked...sometimes. But when the monitor in my Missile Command game got flaky I swapped in the Stargate monitor and put Stargate on the back burner. Recently I got a brand new Wells-Gardner monitor for Missile Command so I put the old monitor back in Stargate and spent a little time making the power supply connectors more reliable. After that the game played fine, so I replaced the control panel overlay with a NOS overlay I had picked up to get rid of those cigarette burns. Now Stargate is reliable and pretty again!

Posted: Sun - November 21, 2004 at 03:19 PM