Belated Happy Birthday Blog

My blog quietly turned one year old a couple of months ago.

No big celebration as we passed the one year anniversary of Brad's Blog on September 12. I published 33 articles over the first year, almost 3 per month. I wrote a few more, but they got stale before I had edited them enough to get published, like that article on California Extreme in August, or the description of the fun time we had a Steve's wedding in July (remember Suite 102 at the Ramada?).

I haven't yet tweaked the templates for articles or the index page. There are a couple of quirks that annoy me, but not enough to spend the time to fix 'em, I guess. I did switch to including the entire article in the RSS feed. I ran across a couple of blogs that do this and I found it much nicer to simply read the article in my RSS new reader rather than click the link to read it in a browser. Hope you like the change.

Posted: Tue - November 16, 2004 at 10:46 AM