Dax Rolls Over

Dax rolled over on his own for the first time recently.

Dax was 5 months old on Saturday and he rolled over for the first time that day. He rolled over from tummy to back 4 times although we didn't see the first 2. Yesterday I got out the camera but Dax wasn't ready to perform. Then today I captured the Dax rolling over on video! Posted here for all to see.

I captured the video with my new Panasonic GS-250 MiniDV video camera, edited the raw footage on my Mac with iMovie and published it to the web with iWeb, new with the Apple iLife '06 suite. I'm pretty impressed with how easy Apple's tools made the process of publishing a quick video of my son to the web.

Posted: Mon - February 6, 2006 at 12:50 PM