Have No Fear, Underdawg Is Here

Team Underdawg went from DARPA Grand Challenge alternate to official semi-finalist for the NQE last week!

Our talented team has been pushing hard to improve our vehicle's capabilities after we accepted a spot on the short alternate's list for the Grand Challenge. Last week the hard work was validated when DARPA released this press release announcing that Team Underdawg was selected as an additional semifinalist for the NQE (along with Austin Robot Technology and Princeton University). Awesome!

Last weekend we took the jeep out for some test runs with the video crew capturing some of the fun on video. Doug and Wendy from Digital Turbulence put together a fabulous video segment from the footage. See it here.

There are some nice photos of our recent site visit available from Brian here. And Danny put a few photos from the weekend up here.

I'd love to keep my blog current with our team's progress, but where am I gonna find time to blog when there is so much to do?

Posted: Mon - August 29, 2005 at 08:35 PM