Went to Las Vegas last weekend for Thanksgiving. Among the great shows we saw was the amazing Cirque du Soleil show KA at the MGM Grand.

If I have time I'll write something about all the great shows we saw in Las Vegas, including Lance Burton, Zumanity, Blue Man Group, etc, but I wanted to make sure and say something about the wonderful Cirque du Soleil show KA at the MGM Grand. KA had just started preview performances during our stay in Las Vegas and we were lucky enough to pick up tickets to the third performance of the show. The acrobatic performances were incredible, of course, as we've come to expect from Cirque du Soleil. This show was different from most Cirque shows we've seen with a stronger plot element, describing the journey of two separated twins, struggling through individual sagas towards their reunion.

The venue was grand (at the MGM Grand, ha!), beautifully decorated, but the wonderful sixth man for this show was the huge floating central stage. The stage floor raises, lowers, spins, rises to vertical, all while performers do their thing on/around/under/inside it. One highlight of the show is when the stage transforms from a sand-covered beach to a vertical granite climbing wall right in front of your eyes, dumping the sand off the stage as it elevates vertically while a projector projects the image and texture of the granite wall on the surface. That is topped later by the magical vertical battle scene with one group battling down from the top of the stage/wall while the other group battles up from the bottom, with the active projection of the mud flats where concentric circles ripple out from the point where a performer "lands" on the "mud". Beautiful!

I haven't seen any reviews of KA yet, but the show has only been in previews for about a week now. Thumbs up from me. If you go to Las Vegas, be sure to add KA to your list of shows not to be missed (along with O at Bellagio).

Posted: Fri - December 3, 2004 at 09:29 AM